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Telehealth Advice For Vets Via Zoom


Dr Carolyn O'Brien


Registered Specialist in Feline Medicine 

Carolyn qualified as a feline medicine specialist in 2004, and since then has been involved in teaching thousands of graduate veterinarians from around the world how to become better cat vets.  At home in Melbourne, she has also helped many vets get the best outcome for their feline patients.


As the nature of the world has changed, we have too. As well as offering in-person consultations for your patients and their owners, we're now pleased to offer a telemedicine service via Zoom to veterinarians so that they are able to discuss patients with Carolyn without the cat having to travel to us. 

We have three levels of service on offer:

1. A 15-minute session for short queries - this is a complimentary service

2. Up to 30 minutes for more detailed queries and case discussion ($145)

3. Up to 60 minutes for complex cases or multiple queries ($290)


These sessions are available most days and can be booked online via this website or our mobile app. As this service is only open to qualified veterinarians we ask that you register via our login portal and answer a short series of questions to check your credentials. Once you are registered, you are then able to access our booking portal whenever you like. Once you've made a booking enquiry, we'll be in touch to confirm the time and to get any relevant case details.

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